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Join Pilot & Piwin, the vanguard in electric vehicle charging solutions, and tap into the burgeoning market as a distributor and dealer of EV chargers. Our commitment to sustainable business practices is not just about delivering top-tier technology—it's about painting a greener future. With our exclusive supply network and comprehensive training support, we position you to gain a competitive edge, tailored to your application and market needs. By partnering with us, you unlock the potential to propel your business into the dynamic EV charging domain, offering industry-leading solutions at competitive prices. Let's electrify the path to a sustainable future—together.

Our Projects

Empowering Progress: Innovative Applications of Our Battery Energy Storage Systems Across Various Industries
Pilot x Piwin DC EV Charging Station in a Canadian parking garage, designated for electric vehicles only.

DC EV Charging Station

Country Canada
In the heart of Canada's bustling urban environments, PILOT & PIWIN's state-of-the-art DC EV Charging Stations are a testament to our innovative spirit. Seamlessly integrated into underground parking structures, our chargers offer robust, rapid, and reliable service. Each station boasts an impressive up to 160kW output, ensuring efficient power delivery with overvoltage and surge protection. Catering to the high demands of modern electric vehicles, we emphasize safety and efficiency with over 95% operational efficiency and multi-standard support including CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO. PILOT & PIWIN are powering the drive towards a sustainable future, one charge at a time.

DC EV Charging Station

Country Japan
The Pilot X PIWIN DC EV Charging Station is revolutionizing power delivery for large vehicles in Japan. With a formidable output range of 60kW to 160kW and advanced CE-certified safety mechanisms, our chargers handle the rigors of heavy usage while prioritizing vehicle and user protection. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of safeguards including over/under voltage, current, short circuit, and surge protection, every charge is efficient and secure. Our intuitive 7" color touch screen ensures seamless user interactions, enhancing the charging experience at every turn.
AC EV Chargers by Pilot x Piwin in an Italian underground parking garage, providing electric vehicle charging solutions.

DC Fast Charging Pile

Country Italy
In the heart of Italy’s bustling streets, an underground sanctuary of power breathes life into electric vehicles. Embrace the efficiency of Pilot x Piwin’s DC Fast Charging Pile, where robust design meets revolutionary technology. Our chargers, equipped with overcurrent and lightning protection, stand guard in Italian garages, offering safe harbor and swift charging to the eco-conscious driver.

DC EV Charging Station

Country Thailand
Nestled in the heart of a Thai urban district, the Fast DC EV Charging Station by Pilot x Piwin emerges as a beacon of modern technology and convenience. This station offers quick and efficient charging solutions, catering to the bustling lifestyle of the city. Here, drivers can swiftly power their electric vehicles, immersing themselves in the innovation that drives sustainable transportation forward.

DC EV Charging Station

Country Singapore
At a newly constructed charging hub in Singapore's metropolitan area, the DC EV Charging Station stands as a testament to Pilot x Piwin’s commitment to innovative energy solutions. Amid the city’s pulsing rhythm, this charging oasis is a symbol of progress, providing quick, efficient, and accessible energy for the urban electric vehicle community. It’s here that the promise of a cleaner, more sustainable future is not just envisioned but actively realized.
Rural American setting featuring an AC EV Charger by Pilot x Piwin, highlighting eco-friendly charging solutions in picturesque countryside locations.

AC EV Chargers

Country United States
Nestled in the serene countryside of the United States, a duo of AC EV Chargers from Pilot x Piwin introduces a blend of modern convenience and sustainable technology to a rustic setting. These chargers provide a vital link for eco-conscious travelers, bringing the future of clean transportation into the heart of America's pastoral landscapes. With the promise of a greener footprint, they stand as silent sentinels of progress, offering a quick and reliable charge to those who traverse the scenic routes.

Established Trust and Proven Reliability in Charging Technology

Extensive Experience in Major Projects

Our track record speaks for itself. With years of expertise in implementing large-scale projects across the globe, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge and proven solutions to your doorstep. Our seasoned professionals are equipped to handle the complexities of any size project, delivering excellence every time.

Innovation and Technological Prowess

At the heart of our operation lies a commitment to technological innovation. We pride ourselves on our in-house research and development, producing cutting-edge charging technologies that lead the market. Our solutions are born from a fusion of advanced science and practical application, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in EV charging.

Manufacturing Capacity and Excellence

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are the backbone of our promise to you. Boasting impressive production capabilities, we ensure a seamless transition from design to delivery. Our plants operate with precision and efficiency, allowing us to meet demands swiftly and scale operations as needed, without compromising on quality.

Global Presence and Local Support

With a network of overseas branches, as evidenced by our locations from Turkey to Southeast Asia, we’re more than just a global brand – we're a local partner. Our international footprint enables us to provide you with local support and services, ensuring that wherever you are, a Pilot X Piwin office isn't far away. We're local everywhere, bringing global expertise to your local community.

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