Pilot x Piwin DC EV Charging Station in a Canadian parking garage, designated for electric vehicles only.

DC EV Charging Station

In the heart of Canada’s bustling urban environments, PILOT & PIWIN’s state-of-the-art DC EV Charging Stations are a testament to our innovative spirit. Seamlessly integrated into underground parking structures, our chargers offer robust, rapid, and reliable service. Each station boasts an impressive up to 160kW output, ensuring efficient power delivery with overvoltage and surge protection. Catering to the high demands of modern electric vehicles, we emphasize safety and efficiency with over 95% operational efficiency and multi-standard support including CCS1, CCS2, and CHAdeMO. PILOT & PIWIN are powering the drive towards a sustainable future, one charge at a time.

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Rachel T.

""The Pilot x Piwin AC EV Charger blends in perfectly with my home exterior. Its sleek design is matched only by its performance - my EV is always charged and ready for the day ahead. It's the hassle-free charging solution I'd been searching for." "
DC EV Charging Station by Pilot x Piwin in a suburban area in Malaysia, offering efficient and fast charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Giovanni Rossi, Facility Manager

""After the installation of Pilot X Piwin's AC chargers in our facility, we've seen a significant increase in client satisfaction. These chargers are not only efficient and reliable, but their presence has also modernized our parking space, aligning with our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Highly recommend!""

James and Dianne R.

""Pilot x Piwin's AC EV Chargers are the perfect addition to our country home. They blend seamlessly into the landscape and offer the convenience of charging our EVs where it's most peaceful. Dependable, discreet, and simply powerful.""

Alex G., Marketing Director

"“Having the Pilot X Piwin DC EV Charging Station just outside my office building has completely changed my daily commute. It’s fast, ultra-convenient, and I love the peace of mind knowing my car is charged and ready to go when I am. Plus, it’s a statement – we’re a business that values innovation and sustainability.”"
Pilot x Piwin DC EV Charging Station in a Canadian parking garage, designated for electric vehicles only.

Daniel F., IT Consultant

"“The convenience of Pilot X Piwin's DC EV Charging Station at our office parking lot is exceptional. It’s quick, efficient, and the sleek design fits right into the professional environment. Charging here is just another part of our day, as effortless as grabbing a coffee on the go.” "
Nighttime view of a Fast DC EV Charging Station in Thailand, providing rapid charging solutions for electric vehicles, equipped with Pilot x Piwin's advanced technology.

Emily Tremblay, Local EV Owner

"Emily Tremblay, Local EV Owner"
Commercial electric truck charging at Pilot x Piwin DC EV Charging Station in Japan.

Sophia K., Operations Manager

"“Watching the installation of the Pilot X Piwin DC EV Charging Station at our facility was a glimpse into the future of energy. Its seamless integration into our infrastructure has not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also reinforced our commitment to sustainability.""
Pilot x Piwin DC EV Charging Station in a Canadian parking garage, designated for electric vehicles only.

Mike L.

""Transitioning to Pilot xPiwin's EC EV Charger has been a game-changer for our delivery fleet. The fast charging times and reliable performance have increased our operational efficiency significantly. It’s truly a robust system tailor-made for the demands of business." "
Installation of a DC EV Charging Station by Pilot x Piwin in an urban area of Singapore, showcasing the company's commitment to expanding electric vehicle infrastructure.

Carlos Garcia, Eco-Conscious Driver

""Having Pilot X Piwin's EV charging stations right here in our suburb has completely transformed my daily routine for the better. The ease of access and speed of charging means I can enjoy my coffee while my car charges in the background, surrounded by greenery. It's convenience and peace of mind in one!""
Commercial electric truck charging at Pilot x Piwin DC EV Charging Station in Japan.

Emma C.

"“Pilot x Piwin’s DC Fast Charge station is a marvel in the EV space. It’s not just about speed; it’s the reliability that impresses me. Whether it's day or night, my EV is quickly powered up and ready to hit the road again. Absolute lifesaver!” "

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Solar-Powered EV Charging Innovation

Harness the excellence of Pilot X Piwin’s AC and DC chargers, designed to fuel the future. From tranquil residential neighborhoods to the vibrant pulse of commercial areas, we proudly deliver an array of electric vehicle chargers. Each piece of technology we offer is the result of meticulous design aimed at fulfilling the varied requirements of different vehicles and their diverse applications. Our promise goes beyond the ordinary—we commit to a holistic, one-stop EV charging solution that propels us ahead of the rest. With Pilot X Piwin’s comprehensive range of on-board chargers, businesses are empowered to unlock endless opportunities. They're not just choosing a product; they're choosing a new revenue stream, a magnet for customers, and a source of convenient power solutions.

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