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Piwin Energy Storage System with 100kW/232kWh Integrated Liquid-Cooling ESS

Is your business growing? When it comes to your company's charging needs, you can't settle for anything less than the best. We have the energy storage solutions, intelligent power inverter systems, and vehicle charge stations that business owners need to ensure their offices and work sites remain efficient, productive and accessible.

  • Economically efficient - system efficiency up to 90%
  • Safe and reliable - multiple security protection systems
  • Intelligent management -10% increase in battery utilization
  • Highly convenient - Capex reduced by 2%
  • Supports all types of charging needs.


Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

Product Specifications

100kW/232kWh Energy Storage System

Energy storage refers to the capture of energy generated once for later use to reduce the imbalance between energy demand and energy production. A device that stores energy is often called a battery or accumulator. Energy comes in many forms, including radiant energy, chemical energy, gravitational potential energy, electropotential energy, electrical energy, high temperature energy, latent heat energy, and kinetic energy. Energy storage involves converting energy from a form that is difficult to store into a form that is more convenient or economical to store.


Piwin Offers Solar Storage Systems


Common examples of energy storage are rechargeable batteries, which store chemical energy that is easily converted into electricity to operate mobile phones; hydroelectric dams, which store energy as gravitational potential energy in reservoirs; ice storage tanks, which are stored at night by cheaper Energy frozen ice to meet cooling needs during peak daytime hours. In terms of capital expenditure, green hydrogen from water electrolysis is a more economical form of long-term renewable energy storage than pumped hydro or batteries. Fossil fuels such as coal and gasoline store ancient energy captured by living organisms from sunlight that later died, was buried, and was converted into these fuels over time. Food (made from the same process as fossil fuels) is energy stored in chemical form.


Why Choose PIWIN New Energy?

PIWIN provides the highest quality storage energy and services. It's our commitment to our drivers that we are always available for support. With a 24/7 customer service team, we are dedicated to maintaining your cars and ensuring you always have access to a charging point. We ensure that all of our products are installed correctly and that they last — so you have a seamless driving experience without being bogged down by technical issues. The best search results for dc ev charging station near me, and we are there for you! Contact us now. 


Protective Function

Energy storage + balancing force = flexibility
Grid operators need to have multiple energy sources available at all times so that they can immediately compensate when other energy sources are unavailable.

Balanced power refers to the ability to provide available electrical energy at the exact time it is needed. Wärtsilä has a range of optimized solutions for balancing renewable energy generation, such as engine power plants for rapid step-up and step-down using sustainable fuels, and our energy management software platform GEMS.

People sometimes confuse balance with flexibility. This is understandable because they are interconnected.

Essentially, when you hone energy storage and power balancing to perfection, you achieve an optimized and flexible power system, and flexibility is critical to achieving 100% renewable energy.

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