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60KW 120KW 160KW 240KW EV Charging Stations, DC Fast Electric Charging Stations

Is your business growing? When it comes to your company's DC charging station needs, you can't settle for anything less than the best. We have the energy storage solutions, intelligent power inverter systems, and vehicle charge stations that business owners need to ensure their offices and work sites remain efficient, productive and accessible.

  • DC Fast Electric Charging Stations at affordable rates
  • Recharge an EV at a rate of 3 to 20 miles of range per minute
  • 80% charge in only 20 minutes
  • Till the date it is fastest means of charging EV
  • Supports all types of electric vehicles.


Adequate supply of goods, available for delivery within 35 days.

Product Specifications

DC Fast Electric Charging Stations

Fast charging stations are the future of charging electric vehicles. DC Fast Charging Stations are the most significant things that can help you live your life efficiently. They use a brand new technology that allows EVs to gain an 80% charge in only 20 minutes. This means you can drive further, faster. And it takes so little time, you'll be back on the road in no time—gaining valuable time and avoiding the hassle of waiting for an outlet. It's built for large fleets and small businesses. We are the only company who have developed this technology and are able to provide this solution for fleet owners, public charging service providers and business owners with parking facilities.


60kW 120kW 160kW 240kW Output


With the wide availability of 60kW 120kW 160kW 240kW Output from DC EV chargers we can deliver you the best quality solution for your EV charging. You can also search dc ev charging stations near me and we will be there for you to provide you valuable product. On the other hand if you are looking to install 60 kw dc ev charging station or 120 kw dc ev charging station we can offer you with premium quality and affordable rates. The products that we provide testes and quality passed. Contact our technical team now and get the best option for you.


Why Choose PIWIN New Energy?

PIWIN provides the highest quality electric vehicle charging points and services for drivers. It's our commitment to our drivers that we are always available for support. With a 24/7 customer service team, we are dedicated to maintaining your cars and ensuring you always have access to a charging point. We ensure that all of our products are installed correctly and that they last — so you have a seamless driving experience without being bogged down by technical issues. The best search results for dc ev charging station near me, and we are there for you! Contact us now. 


Model PEVC3107 -120K750 N1 PEVC3107 -120K 1000N1 PEVC3107-120K 750D2 PEVC3107-120K 1000D2 PEVC3107-160K 750N1 PEVC3107-160K 1000N1 PEVC3107-160K 750D2 PEVC3107-160K 1000D2 PEVC3107-180K 750N1 PEVC3107-180K 1000N1 PEVC3107-180K 750D2 PEVC3107-180K 1000D2 PEVC3107-240K 750N1 PEVC3107-240K 1000N1 PEVC3107-240K 750D2 PEVC3107-240K 1000D2
Input 380VAC±20%/50Hz±5Hz
Total harmonic distortion rate ≤5%
Power factor ≥0.99(More than half a load)
Overall efficiency ≥94%(More than half a load)
Number of output ports 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2
Output voltage range 200VDC-750VDC / 200VDC-1000VDC
Rated current 200VDC-750VDC:160A
Output Power 120KW 160KW 180KW 240KW
Double gun distribution method / Dynamic allocation / Dynamic allocation / Dynamic allocation / Dynamic allocation
Lightning protection level Class C
Shell material Aluminum-zinc clad sheet
Installation method Integrated floor type
Mechanical strength 20J
Dimensions (WxDxH) 700x550x1 800mm
Charging mode Automatic full charge / fixed power / fixed amount / fixed time
Charging method Charging by credit card/scan code/VIN code
Human-computer interaction 7 inch touch color LCD screen
BMS auxiliary power source DC12V and DC24V
Cable length 5 meters
Background communication interface Ethernet
Charging protocol OCPP1.6J
Communication interface (reserved) CAN, RS485
Optional 4G communication/color customization/background protocol customization
Executive standard GB/T1 8487.1-201 5 NB/T33001-2018 GB/T27930-2015
Noise level ≤65dB
Protection level IP54
Operating temperature  -20°C~ 50°C
storage temperature  -40°C~85°C
Altitude ≤2000 meters
Relative humidity ≤95%, no condensation

Protective Function

Input over/under voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output over current protection, insulation detection protection, battery reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, charging pile over-temperature protection, charging gun over-temperature protection, access control protection, emergency stop protection, leakage protection, Overcharge protection.

PIWIN Energy is one of the leading and most dependable EV charging station provider in the world, with our global presence, we not only provide smart AC EV charging solution but also Fast-Charging solutions to our customers in Europe, US and Middle East.



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