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AC EV Charger

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AC EV Charger


AC EV Charger

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EV Charger 3.5KW 7KW 11KW 22KW Electric Car Charger For Home, Level 2 Charger

AC EV Home Charger With Type 2 Plug, Home Charging Station-02

7KW 11KW 22KW AC EV Home Charger With Type 2 Plug, Home Charging Station

Charge your electric car wherever and whenever with the 22kW AC EV Home Charger or Charging Station. Fully charge in under 3 hours, and drive for 100 miles on a single charge! No more worrying about finding a charging station or extension cords.

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AC EV Charger

When we talk about charging an AC EV charger, the main difference between AC and DC is where the conversion from AC to DC happens. Whether an EV uses an AC or DC charging station, the EV's battery will still only store DC energy. 

AC chargers are cost-effective and can be installed anywhere with a grid supply. It comes in two or even three types: level 1 charger, level 2 charger, or even level 3 charger.

When using an AC charging station, the conversion to DC happens inside the EV via an onboard charger, often limited. When using DC fast and ultra-fast charging stations, the conversion happens outside the EV, using a larger converter.

At this point, you may be wondering whether it makes more sense to buy an AC charging station. We recommend choosing an AC charging station only if you want quick, cost-effective charging within overnight for level 1 consumers and 2-3 hours for level 2 consumers.

AC EV Charger Station

Electric cars usually have to spend much time charging a level 1 charger. Many people prefer to charge their car overnight. To ensure that you can use your car, as usual, many people need to do everything in their power to keep those cars charged up and ready to go! In both cases, the car is stationary. This means you can't leave your car, you can't wait to be in a queue and charge for several hours, meaning a longer charge time isn't necessarily a negative thing. So people who prefer fewer costs on AC chargers like this option at home rather than DC chargers. On the other hand, for fast charging, DC chargers are most commonly found in places such as offices, hotels, workspaces, and shopping centers where time is money. With an AC charging station, charging up to 99% takes 4 to 8 hours.

If you want to have a proper AC EV Charger Station for yourself or commercial use, it can be offices, workspace, home, and power station, then look nowhere just at our service. We offer your most affordable rates with the best charging technology that can seamlessly charge the cars, manage the power supply, manage the battery health and efficiently work in public space by cutting electricity costs.

Best Level 2 Charger

The world is shifting to electric transportation, and charging infrastructure is as essential as ever. In most cases, Level 1 standard charging can be completed overnight in a regular home garage. Cars equipped with Level 2 technology, on the other hand, require a more powerful source of electricity — which can typically be found at workplaces and public parking lots. 

On the other hand, Zhuhai PIWIN New Energy Co. Ltd. has the best level 2 charger that can charge up your cars in less than 2 hours or so. 

If you buy the best level 2 charger from us, you will get a special discount with wholesale rates. Our technology is advanced and modern based on new generations of electric vehicles. 

Wall Mounted EV Charger 

The wall-mounted EV Charger stations are most commonly used in private homes; this means you can park your car at the garage, mount the wall charger on the wall, connect it using the cable, and manage the charging status with a dedicated application. Once you have connected, the wall-mounted EV charger will charge the car ideally, safely, and in a short time. Our wall-mounted EV chargers provide fast charging, and they can be level 1 or level 2, or even DC connections.

The Wall Mounted Electric Vehicle Charger helps you do just that — even if you don't have a driveway or garage. With standard 120 volt and 240-volt capabilities, the charger can be installed anywhere there's an outlet. 

Wholesale AC EV Charger

Zhuhai PIWIN New Energy Co. Ltd. promises to provide you with the best quality in wholesale rates. You can save even more when you purchase multiple products from us. We assure you of the fast delivery and shipment as our promise! Our AC EV charging is considered the best source of product compatible with your home grid, level 1 or level 2, or commercial use with level 3, wall-mounted EV charging stations. 

We deliver a wide range of products at unbeatable prices. By purchasing more items, you receive the best pricing on the market. We are also accepting custom orders based on your needs and requirements. We also ensure the flexibility to buy what you need when you need it with our unbeatable next-day delivery service.


Keeping your customers' vehicles powered up and ready to go is the safest bet. When they're traveling in the car, you want them to be able to travel long distances with portable AC chargers to EV. Whether they're on the go or at home, a portable EV charger like the one Zhuhai PIWIN New Energy Co. Ltd. offers the best option for charging vehicles — and portable chargers, especially when there's no available power outlet. We also have safety equipment installed that will make sure that your car’s battery is charged to 100% without damaging or overloading the capacity of your car’s battery. So if you are interested in getting high-quality products now! Contact us now!

Contact us now for any custom requirements, queries, or installation services. We are happy to serve you with premium quality products for your everyday use! Drive safely, and drive more! Go green

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