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By | 19 Oct 2023

PIWIN: The Premier 7kW EV Charger for Modern Mobility

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is in full swing, driving a massive surge in the demand for reliable EV chargers. As the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy solutions gains momentum, households and businesses alike are on the hunt for effective charging systems that can seamlessly integrate with their daily routines.

Amidst this backdrop, PIWIN emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Offering state-of-the-art 7kW EV charger solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern EV users, PIWIN isn't just a product—it's a testament to the future of sustainable mobility. Whether you're an EV enthusiast or a newcomer to the green transportation movement, PIWIN stands ready to redefine your charging experience.

Features of PIWIN 7kW EV Charger

Charging Capacity 

Central to the PIWIN charger is its robust 7kW charging capacity, emblematic of Level 2 chargers that operate on 220~240V, ideal for home installations. This powerful charger can rejuvenate an average car's battery in approximately 3 hours - a convenient span for those at work or school. With this 7kW prowess, PIWIN slashes charging durations in comparison to more conventional chargers, translating to reduced idle time and amplified drive time. The outcome? Enhanced convenience for both daily errands and extensive road trips.

Design & Build

More than just a high-performance device, PIWIN's 7kW EV charger is a masterpiece of design and durability. Crafted for resilience, it can brave a spectrum of climatic challenges, promising extended service. Novices in the EV realm will appreciate its intuitive interface, ensuring effortless charging procedures. Its elegant and contemporary design ensures a smooth blend with diverse settings, be it homes or businesses. Additionally, its installation is straightforward, complemented by a portable variant for greater flexibility.

Safety Measures

Electricity combined with vehicular systems demands the utmost safety, and PIWIN is well-aligned with this principle. Infused with a plethora of safety features, this 7kW charger boasts surge protection and automated functionalities. From defending against overcharging to preempting short circuits, PIWIN prioritizes a hazard-free charging journey. In addition, the inclusion of thermal sensors bolsters its safety profile, ensuring both your vehicle and premises are shielded from unforeseen electrical anomalies.


PIWIN's 7kW EV charger's adaptability is one of its crowning jewels. Envisioned with a diverse fleet of vehicles in mind, it is attuned to a plethora of current EV models. Whether you're a proud owner of a nimble electric hatchback or a roomier electric SUV, PIWIN is primed to cater to your charging demands. Experience the convenience of Level 2 home charging, which empowers you to juice up to 45kW without resorting to public stations. This not only eliminates the need for pricier chargers but also obviates protracted waits at communal charging hubs. And for those curious about compatibility? It's harmonized with models like Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Kia Soul EV, BMW i3, and an expanding list of others.

Benefits of Choosing PIWIN 7kW EV Charger

Faster Charging Times

Among the primary perks of the PIWIN 7kW EV charger is its outstanding charging pace. Operating as a potent 7kW home EV charger, it boasts the capacity to charge at over 80 miles per hour, slashing full charge times dramatically. This charger requires a 3-phase electric source, a setup that underpins its rapid charging capabilities. The impressive 7kW power output expedites the entire charging process, ensuring users can swiftly energize their vehicles and embark on their journeys. Such agility in charging is a boon, especially for those on a tight schedule, as it guarantees their EVs are ever-prepared.

electric car charger for home


PIWIN is synonymous with enduring performance. Meticulously crafted using elite materials and adhering to rigorous quality protocols, the charger stands as a paragon of longevity. For users, this means peace of mind, as they are assured of a robust product that not only persists but also retains its optimal efficiency throughout its lifespan.

Cost Efficiency 

Choosing PIWIN is synonymous with long-term economic prudence. Users can harness power directly from their residence via this premier home EV charger, unlocking potential savings that amount to thousands annually. Though its initial cost might surpass some regular chargers, the unrivaled efficiency and speed it harnesses equate to diminished electricity bills over extended periods. Coupled with its built-to-last design, recurrent expenses related to replacements or frequent maintenance are virtually eliminated, affirming its superb cost-value proposition.

Environmental Benefits 

PIWIN isn't just a technological marvel; it's a green warrior. By catalyzing the seamless adoption of electric vehicles, PIWIN champions the eco-mobility cause. Electric vehicles are instrumental in curbing carbon footprints, and PIWIN's proficient charging solutions further motivate users to gravitate toward these green machines. By aligning with PIWIN, users not only elevate their own convenience but also actively contribute to sculpting a greener, sustainable tomorrow.

PIWIN 7kW EV charger embodies a harmonious blend of rapidity, resilience, economical wisdom, and eco-friendliness, positioning it as a top-tier choice for discerning EV enthusiasts.

User Experiences with PIWIN 7kW EV Charger

"Charged my EV in record time! PIWIN has truly transformed my driving routine." - Alex T.

"Months in and it's still as efficient as day one. Best investment for my EV." - Priya N.

"Not just a charger, but a money-saver. Noticed a significant drop in my electricity bills." - Martin L.

"Eco-friendly and powerful – PIWIN makes me proud of my choice to switch to an EV." - Carla G.


In an era marked by rapid advancements in electric vehicle technology, the need for reliable and efficient charging solutions is more pressing than ever. PIWIN's 7kW EV charger seamlessly meets this demand, offering a blend of swift charging times, lasting durability, cost-effectiveness, and eco-consciousness. User testimonials further underscore its superior performance, painting a picture of genuine satisfaction. 

As we navigate the future of mobility, it's evident that tools like PIWIN are not just conveniences but necessities. They stand as beacons, lighting the way toward a more sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly electric vehicle experience. Choose PIWIN, and drive into the future with confidence.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.