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By | 16 May 2023

How Rapid charger for electric cars Make Electric Vehicles More Convenient?

The rapid charger for electric cars is a 22 kW EV Charger:

  • The 22kW EV Charger, also known as the AC EV Home Charger, is the first house charging station in the world to use a regular wall socket to charge an EV overnight. It lessens your carbon footprint and is cost-effective and safe. A clever and trustworthy electric car charger is the secret to practical EV charging and battery optimization. You may use the 22kW Total charger to quickly charge the battery, preserving your car's range and accelerating your return to driving. The device gives consumers versatility with its extended chord and support for several plug-in formats.
  • An electric car's battery may receive up to 22 kilowatts of electricity via a 22 kW EV charger, a type of EV charger. This charger, which can charge an electric car significantly quicker than a regular Level 2 charger, which generally produces between 3.3 kW and 7.2 kW of power, is also known as a rapid charger for electric cars. When electric car owners need to fast charge their vehicles while on the road, it is often utilized at public charging stations or work. Depending on the size of the battery and the charging rate, most electric cars may be charged from 0% to 80% using a 22 kW charger in around 1-2 hours.

What is the best home charger for electric cars?

Why not the finest home charger for an electric car if you have a personal vehicle? Our level 2 240-volt smart chargers may be plugged in and can fully charge your vehicle in 3-5 hours. However, it takes 7-8 hours for a level 1 charger to charge a car fully. On the other hand, the greatest level 2 charger is made by Zhuhai PIWIN New Energy Co. Ltd. and can fully charge your car in under two hours. You will receive a significant discount on wholesale prices when you purchase the finest level 2 charger from us. Our sophisticated, cutting-edge technology is based on the most recent electric car generations. 

Stations to Charge Electric Vehicles:

Electric car charging stations are becoming more and more necessary as the number of electric vehicles on the road increases. The introduction of modern technology has brought in a new generation of drivers who can now easily navigate large distances in environmentally friendly vehicles. We offer the best electric vehicle recharging equipment for installation in your garage or driveway. 

How Quick Charging Can Make Electric Vehicles More Convenient?

Rapid chargers can make electric cars more convenient by drastically lowering the amount of time it takes to charge an electric vehicle (EV). Rapid chargers can fully charge an EV in less time than a standard charger, which might take several hours or overnight. This implies that drivers won't have to wait around for their car to charge for hours if they stop at a rapid charging station while on a lengthy road trip to charge it swiftly. Additionally, it makes it simpler for EV owners to include charging into their daily routine because they may charge their vehicle during a lunch break or other brief stop. Rapid chargers can contribute to the convenience of EVs by shortening charging times, expanding the infrastructure for charging, and improving the driver-friendliness of charging places. The convenience of driving an electric car will probably continue to advance as more quick chargers are put in and EV technology advances.

Why Do You Want PIWIN Energy?

According to Zhuhai PIWIN New Energy Co., Ltd, electric car charging stations are their speciality. The business has offered effective and logical goods that provide drivers with a smooth charging experience because of its excellent customer care, simple-to-use products, and mobile-optimized website. Become a top-tier supplier of electric vehicles, spread technology and services around the globe, and offer consumers a range of options. Our prices are reasonable, and we'll mail your order of the highest caliber immediately. To ensure you receive a certified product from PIWIN, our knowledgeable quality assurance staff never loses a step. 

The Advantages of a Rapid Electric Car Charger: Rapid electric car chargers provide several advantages:

  • Faster Charging Times: 

A 22kw is the rapid charger for electric cars; the key advantage is that it can charge an electric car significantly more quickly than a normal charger. While a regular charger can need several hours to charge an electric car battery fully, rapid chargers can generally do it in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Convenience:

 For drivers who need to rapidly top up their car's battery, rapid electric car chargers are frequently positioned in high-traffic locations, such as shopping centers and service stations.

  • Increased Range: 

Thanks to quicker charging periods, electric vehicle users can travel farther and with more assurance since they know that, in an emergency, they can immediately replenish their car's battery.

  • Reduction of Emissions:

 Using electric vehicles may help cut carbon emissions, and having access to quick chargers makes it simpler for drivers to utilize their electric vehicles for longer trips.

  • Infrastructure Improvement: 

The construction of quick chargers for electric vehicles contributes to improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles, making it easier and more convenient for drivers to utilize electric vehicles regularly.


Rapid chargers are revolutionizing the electric vehicle market by facilitating and accelerating vehicle recharging. The time it takes to charge an electric automobile is reduced from hours to minutes thanks to rapid chargers, which are substantially faster than conventional ones. According to the study that looked at it, it has excellent performance in frigid areas. Our rapid charger for electric cars makes charging electric vehicles simple and secure, making them perfect for residential and commercial settings. PIWIN rapid electric car chargers have several advantages crucial to the acceptance and expansion of electric vehicles.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.