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By | 11 May 2023

Electric Vehicle Charging Points: All You Need to Know about charging points

What do charging stations for electric vehicles mean?

  • Electric vehicle charging points are locations where electric cars may recharge their batteries. These locations are sometimes called electric vehicle charging stations. Through a charging wire attached to the car, these charging stations provide power to the battery of an electric vehicle. Many locales, including residences, companies, public parking lots, and major roads, have EV charging stations. 
  • They are available in various designs and charging rates, from low-speed charging (Level 1 charging to high-speed charging (Level 3 DC fast charging), which may offer a full charge in as little as 30 minutes. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can be run in various ways, including by a public utility, a commercial business, or a private owner. Some charging stations could demand a fee or a membership, while others might be free. Numerous electric vehicles may also be charged at home using a standard electrical outlet or a specially constructed charging station.

What electric charging points moving closer?

  • Private firms are also investing in charging stations to accommodate the growing demand for EVs. For instance, some companies, like Tesla, have developed their charging infrastructure. In contrast, several companies have partnered with manufacturers to give their customers access to charging stations. EV owners can charge at home along with public and private charging stations.
  • An electric automobile can be charged overnight at home using charging stations installed in a garage or parking area. The usage of electric car charging stations is expected to increase because of technology advancements and increased infrastructure expenditure. For example, future wireless charging technologies may allow EVs to charge without cables or plugs. It is also planned to build charging stations utilizing renewable energy sources like solar and wind.
  • It should also be emphasized that the widespread adoption of electric vehicles depends on the accessibility and availability of electric charging stations. Governments, for-profit companies, and non-profit organizations are investing in the development of charging infrastructure to aid in the growth of the market for electric cars. Thanks to technology advancements and increased infrastructure investment, the future of electric vehicle charging stations is bright.

Why is an EV charging station required for every driver?

Electric vehicle owners may have various charging needs depending on their driving habits, the range of their vehicles, and the availability of charging stations in their area. But some motorists could find DC electric vehicle charging points handy.

  • Willing to invest in future-proof charging infrastructure:

 The future generation of electric cars, which are expected to develop better and have longer ranges, may require a charging station with a high enough power output to accommodate them.

  • Wants to support a sustainable future:

 For people who wish to support a sustainable future, electric automobiles provide a more environmentally responsible and sustainable mode of transportation. This charging station can encourage the usage of electric cars and support a less polluted future.

  • Travel far: 

If you frequently drive far distances and rely on rapid charging to get you there, a KW charging station can significantly reduce charging times and let you resume driving more quickly.

  • Have a larger battery:

 Larger batteries may require a higher power output to charge an electric vehicle more quickly. These vehicles can be charged fast using a charging port.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

It depends is the appropriate response. It also depends on how the user drives, just like a car with a combustion engine. Driving more aggressively leads to more consumption, whereas doing the opposite leads to lower consumption. It is essential to remember that the price shown at the station is only the transaction price and not the ultimate price. The user may contract a fee of €0.11 per kWh for a residential charge (with VAT) if he has a tri- or bi-hourly tariff. Let's say we double the energy cost by the typical amount required to travel 100 km. If the user chooses the idle option, they will pay €2.38 for every 100 km.

Speeding up the car increases consumption by ev charging points:

Much as in a car with a combustion engine, more aggressive driving causes higher consumption, which in turn causes more aggressive driving. On the other side, regeneration may be leveraged to an electric vehicle's advantage, increasing its cost- and efficiency-effectiveness while moving. Additionally, depending on the type of charging station, several connectors compatible with your automobile can be accessible. Check the charging station for the recommended socket because each price is different. When going on public roads, the station, the pace at which the vehicle is loaded, and the time of day impact values. Using an electric charging station to calculate your final cost is crucial.

How can the cost of operating an electric charging station be minimized?

Electric vehicles include regenerative braking, which generates energy as the vehicle slows down. Instead of being squandered as heat, the energy strengthens the vehicle's autonomy. It is possible to use an electric charging station. Furthermore, it tempts the driver to brake less frequently. Since there is no gearbox, wear is decreased. Since they contain fewer moving parts, they are less expensive to maintain. There are now so many different charging alternatives that it is no longer reasonable to consider getting an electric car for your daily commute. It's crucial to comprehend your use trends and regular costs.


Electric vehicle charging stations may be a great way to reduce pollution and increase the convenience of driving one. Electric vehicle charging points can be installed in homes, public spaces, business establishments, and even on the side of the road. As a result, in addition to no hazardous petrol emissions from vehicles, the levels of so-called noise pollution have significantly decreased. Given the circumstances, it is acceptable to have access to electric charging stations that promote the conservation of natural resources. PIWIN offers wholesale prices while maintaining security and safety as our top priorities.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.