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By | 27 Feb 2023

Charge your device in no time with a ccs charger

What exactly a ccs charger for?

  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that offer both DC fast charging and AC charging through a single charging connector are called CCS charger (Combined Charging Systems). It is often employed across North America and Europe and facilitates charging various electric cars, including those with CHAdeMO and Type 2 connections. 
  • The most recent CCS standard, CCS2, offers to charge rates of up to 350 kW. The CCS standard is constantly changing. Because they offer fast charging, these chargers are crucial for the general adoption of electric cars because they may drastically reduce the time needed to recharge an EV battery. 
  • CCS charger make it easier for EV drivers to utilize the same charging station for various EV models since they offer both AC and DC charging through a single connector. 
  • Furthermore, resolving range anxiety and extending the total range of electric cars is critical for expediting the switch to a more sustainable transportation system. This can only be done with the broad deployment of CCS charging infrastructure. 

Why are CCS Chargers the Future of Charging for Electric Vehicles?

  • Using these chargers for electric power vehicles is the way of the future since they have various benefits over alternative charging methods. To begin with, these chargers work with various electric cars, including those that use CHAdeMO and Type 2 connections. As a result, they are more practical for EV drivers as they can charge a variety of EVs at the same time. The second benefit of these chargers is that they offer rapid charging, which may drastically cut down on time needed to recharge an EV battery.
  • EV drivers can charge their vehicles far more quickly thanks to the new CCS2 standard, which supports charging speeds of up to 350 kW. Lastly, the CCS charger is built to be future-proof, with the capacity to handle faster charging rates and changing standards as technology advances. CCS charging infrastructure must be installed to increase customer convenience, accessibility, and interest in EVs as the market for them grows. 

Which benefits ccs charger offers?

These chargers are a brand-new style of EV charging station that is gaining popularity. Compared to conventional Level 2 chargers, these chargers have a larger power output, which speeds up the charging process for EVs. They provide more placement flexibility, higher charging speeds than standard Level 2 chargers, and more effective power delivery. This one is quicker, safer, and more effective than other charging systems. It is the most adaptable charging system because it is compatible with various automobiles.

  • Compatibility: 

It is easier for EV drivers to use these chargers since they are compatible with a variety of EVs, including those that use CHAdeMO and Type 2 connections. Electric vehicle (EV) chargers that employ the Combined Charging System (CCS) protocol is called CCS charger. Owners of electric vehicles are using this charger more frequently due to the benefits it provides over other charger types.

  • Fast Charging: 

These chargers allow high-power fast charging, which can greatly reduce the time needed to recharge an EV battery. EV drivers may quickly charge their vehicles substantially thanks to the 350-kW charging rate supported by the most recent CCS2 standard.

  • Flexibility:

These chargers can deliver AC and DC charging through a single connection, making them more versatile and practical for EV drivers.

  • Future-Proof: 

These chargers are made to be adaptable, having the capacity to handle higher charging speeds and changing standards as technology advances.

  • Widespread installation: 

These chargers are being installed in many nations, allowing EV drivers more able to access them and easing their range anxiety. These chargers are essential to the widespread use of electric cars because they offer a simple and dependable charging alternative that may drastically reduce the time and expense of recharging an EV battery.

How ccs charger function?

  • A CCS (Combined Charging System) charger charges an electric vehicle's battery by applying a direct high-voltage current (DC). This charger utilizes a socket that combines a typical AC charging connection with a DC charging port, enabling it to charge AC and DC at the same time. 
  • This charger connects with the electric car to negotiate the charging settings and track the charging process to ensure safe and effective charging. These chargers work well for charging electric automobiles. They provide quick charging times and work with a variety of electric automobiles.
  • Faster charging periods compared to AC charging are made possible by this charger's high-voltage DC charging capacity, making it a practical choice for drivers who need to charge their cars quickly. This charger is a dependable and efficient charging option since it communicates with the car to guarantee safe and successful charging.

What the applications are of ccs charger?

In summary, this charger is a versatile charging solution that can be used in various settings to charge electric vehicles with a CCS charging port. Electric automobiles with these charging ports are charged with this charger. The following are some of the primary uses for these chargers:

  • Infrastructure for public charging: 

These chargers are put at public charging stations, making it easy for drivers of electric vehicles to charge their cars while they're out and about.

  • Workplace charging: 

Installing these chargers at companies will allow employees to charge their electric cars while they are there.

  • Residential charging: 

Some people install these chargers in their homes so that they may charge their electric cars at night or during off-peak times. Electric vehicles in fleets, such as buses, Lorries, or delivery vans, may be charged using chargers.


Once you have decided to get an electric vehicle charging station, you must ensure that it was created by a respectable firm that is acknowledged and listed by major manufacturers. It must be compatible with your electric vehicle. Additionally, the manufacturer should guarantee the availability of post-sale assistance. Excellent after-sales service ensures that your requirements will be satisfied and that the manufacturer will assist you in resolving any potential problems you might encounter with the product. A reputable manufacturer or dealer should always be your first choice. The greatest manufacturers include PIWIN. We provide our customers with the best services and products.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.