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By | 30 Dec 2022

480kw dc ev Charging Station Delivers Quick and Easy Charging

What does a 480KW EV charging station do?

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity due to rising gas prices and a growing public interest in sustainability. 240 kilowatts is the maximum amount of electricity that 240 kW EV charging stations can deliver to electric cars. These charging stations are made to work with huge battery electric vehicles, such as buses and Lorries. The amount of time it takes for these vehicles to charge may be greatly decreased using a 480kw dc ev charging station. The availability of these EV charging stations is expanding as interest in electric vehicles grows. This new charger is the quickest on the market right now and can charge up to 8 electric vehicles simultaneously. It is ideal for EV owners who want to charge rapidly and conveniently since it delivers exceptional charging speed, convenience, and efficiency. With a 480kW charging capacity, this charging station is the quickest. It can charge all kinds of electric vehicles. It also works with various charging ports, making it a great option for EV owners.
480kw dc ev charging station

How long does an electric car take to charge at a charging station fully?

  • The length of time it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on the size of the battery in your car and the EV charger you use. Level 2 chargers are the most popular type found in homes and public areas, even if DC fast charging is accessible at some locations. 
  • A Supercharger station, according to Tesla, may increase range by 200 miles in just 15 minutes. However, frequent fast charging may gradually deplete your battery. Thus it is advised to use Level 2 chargers for routine use and DC chargers when you're in a rush.
  • A 240-volt Level 2 charger can charge a Nissan LEAF or a Tesla Model 3 quicker than a wall outlet in around eight hours. DC fast charging stations are even more powerful, with electrical voltages of up to 480 volts and charging rates of under an hour.

What occurs if a charge in an electric vehicle runs out while it is in motion?

When driving an EV, the only option you have, if you run out of battery is to go to the closest gas station and come back with enough petrol to get you to a charging station. You'll need to call a tow truck to get you to the nearest charging station. The good news is that if the battery dies, the car won't be damaged, and you should be informed well before this happens. Most electric vehicles' dashboards will estimate your battery level. Even though this could be off, especially if you're driving uphill or in other uncommon situations, it should be plenty to help you plan your next charging session. Even though most roadside assistance plans don't include this service, you can call and request a cellphone charger.

The characteristics of a 480kw dc ev charging station:

  • Overvoltage protection:

 This includes anti-reverse battery protection, overvoltage and overcharge protection, insulation detection protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, leak protection, and lightning protection. Protection against input side overvoltage, input side under voltage, output side overcurrent, and input side output side overvoltage.

  • Long lifespan: 

It has a long lifespan due to its exceptional quality and durability. Connect it directly to your automobile's battery without purchasing a separate line because it comes with an adapter connector.

  • Charge Faster Than Others: 

Compared to ordinary chargers, the 480 kw dc ev charging station may allow you to charge your EV twice as rapidly. That's what it is: rapid charging. The EV charger was developed for electric car owners who need a boost while driving their primary target.

  • Reliable and comfortable to use: 

Made of sturdy materials, it is secure to use. It is appropriate for both private and business use. This charger is a great alternative for anyone who needs to charge their car rapidly because it can fully charge an electric vehicle in as little as 15 minutes.

  • Integrated approach: 

The integrated control system conforms to the most recent national standard version and has three status indicators for power supply, charging, and failure. Thanks to the integrated, sophisticated management system of the charging station, customers may assess the condition of their batteries and charge them appropriately. It can charge your Tesla Model 3 or other EVs in 15 minutes and provide an output power of up to 480kW.

What Implicates Electric Vehicle Charging Station Principles?

  • Batteries are a standard feature of all cars, although they are often limited to the 12.6-volt battery that powers the engine. In contrast to other batteries, a lithium-ion battery used in an electric car generally has a substantially higher capacity and can hold up to 100 kilowatt-hours of power. To work at maximum capacity, these batteries must be plugged in continually for a considerable time. 
  • An electric car may be charged using a standard 120-volt wall connection, albeit it could take up to a day. This is where electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), sometimes called charging stations for electric vehicles, comes into play. These charging stations are designed particularly to charge EVs more quickly than you can with a regular wall outlet.


You may gain a lot of knowledge about 480 kw dc ev charging station thanks to the information that was just presented. This 480kw charging station is one of the most reliable and effective ones on the market for electric vehicles. It is perfect for people who want to charge their automobiles effectively and swiftly. Therefore, seize the opportunity. As soon as you buy an EV charging station from us, get ready to benefit from the most recent technologies. Make sure the charging station you select is dependable. Everything you need is included, and installation is easy. PIWIN promises an electric car fast-charging alternative. The business created high-end 480KW EV charging stations to satisfy the demands of contemporary drivers.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.