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By | 12 Nov 2022

An overview: Custom DC Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Introduction to Dc electric vehicle charging point?

A crucial component of this infrastructure is DC fast-charging stations, which can charge an EV significantly more quickly than a typical Level 2 charger. Not because they lack desire, but rather because they are unsure of how to power one, the average consumer may be turned off by the idea of an electric car. Everyone needs to be informed of how a custom EV charging station works. The batteries of most electric vehicles can charge with direct electric current (DC) electricity; however, some EVs come with a charger that converts AC electricity into DC and then transmits that power to the vehicle's charging connection. 

120 kW dc ev charging station

What are Custom DC Electric Vehicle Charging Points?

The demand for dependable and convenient EV charging infrastructure increases along with the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. Installing a custom DC electric vehicle (EV) charging points is one approach to ensure your charging requirements are satisfied. A customized DC EV charging station has many advantages over a regular AC charger. An EV may be charged much more quickly with a DC charger than an AC charger, and it can also be customized to the demands of the EV user. 

Important Information to consider before buying an EV Charging point of your own:

As technology develops, electric vehicles' appeal grows as well. These electric cars will soon outnumber those driven by traditional oil on our highways. Since they may improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and reduce fuel costs, in addition to the simplicity of simply plugging them in at the end of a long, grueling day, electric vehicles are the most environmentally friendly option for transportation. The benefits of having an electric car and a custom EV station compensate for the cost by a significant margin. But if you're thinking about getting an electric car or already owning one, here are some things you should know before investing in a charging station.

Why is Piwin the top-notch producer of custom DC electric vehicle (EV) charging points?

  • Piwin creates unique EV charging stations to guarantee your solutions' proper connection and charging. Our extensive experience in hardware and software development enables us to guarantee the security and dependability of the charging process for upcoming products.
  • The creation and testing of electric car communication controllers, simulation of charging stations, DC fast-charging stations, or full onboard chargers for electric vehicles are all projects that our team is prepared to finish. These could be light electric vehicles (LEVs), like electric bikes, scooters, or electric buses.
  • EV car drivers are watching for dependable spots to charge as EV use rises. EV charging is a potent tool for businesses targeting this affluent market segment to attract new clients and encourage repeat business. 
  • Fast and convenient charging on the go is made possible because DC fast charging points charge the majority of customer electric cars up to 80% in a fraction of the time it takes at standard AC charging locations—in the middle of 15 and 45 minutes. 
  • One of the primary obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles, range anxiety, is lessened with the availability of more DC fast charging stations, presenting your company as a leader in the transition to electric transportation.

How do custom DC electric vehicle (EV) charging points work?

Direct current (DC) electricity is used to charge the batteries of electric vehicles at DC charging points. The charging points typically use alternating (AC) or direct (DC), typically found at public charging stations, to recharge the batteries. Electricity from batteries is used to power electric automobiles. An onboard charger receives the electricity and changes it to direct current (DC). The drive motor receives the DC electricity after that, which powers the car. Electricity is intended to be supplied to the onboard charger at electric car charging stations. 

Knowing the various available stations is the first step in comprehending how electric vehicle (EV) charging stations operate in Washington, DC. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 stations comprise the three primary categories of stations. A level 1 station can charge an EV in around 8 hours using a typical 120-volt outlet.

  • It is possible to supply more power more quickly since the electric current has now been transferred to DC by the moment it reaches the automobile.
  • DC stations may provide up to 350 kW of energy and can completely charge an electric vehicle in 15 minutes thanks to this alternative charging method (providing the EV allows it). Custom DC electric vehicle charging points are excellent due to their fast charging capabilities.
  • The fastest way to charge an electric vehicle up to 80% in 20 minutes is with a DC EV Charging Station. You have everything you need at the DC EV Charging Station to get going. Pure electric automobiles, hybrid electric vehicles, and any other vehicle that uses a 120V or 240V 30/50 amp electrical outlet are all supported by this dual-port charging station.
  • Even though the advantages of DC fast chargers are apparent—they offer faster charging times, excellent safety, and more efficiency—many homes may find the installation process prohibitive. We have developed a charger that can be installed without needing specialist tools to address these problems.


One of the top businesses offering electric vehicle charging stations is piwin. Our principles are straightforward: we support renewable energy and want to make it available to many people. To do this, we work to provide our consumers with high-quality products and an excellent customer experience through our website and user-friendly apps and by making sure that our customer service is unmatched. PIWIN products support all major electric vehicle brands, and you can determine whether they work with your car before making a purchase. Get a custom DC electric vehicle charging points right away!

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.