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By | 10 Nov 2022

22KW AC EV Home Charger – An Ideal Home Charging Solution for your vehicles

What exactly is a 22KW AC EV home charger?

A 22-kilowatt rate is the amount of energy transferred from your EV charger to your vehicle (kW). It charges at a rate that is three times quicker than 7kW. "Fast" charging is what is being done here. Look for indications of this charger's excellent characteristics to understand how much energy is expended to charge an EV.

The Features of 22KW AC EV Home Charger

  • Level 2 chargers work well at home and are based on 220–240V.
  • Three to five hours of consistent output when charging
  • Sturdy and high-quality housing material.
  • Automatic features and surge protection.
  • Simple installation procedures with a portable alternative.

What is the process 22KW AC EV Home Charger?

Electric vehicles may be found in various sizes, forms, and colours. But practically everyone charges with this 22-volt gadget. Generally speaking, they establish the electrical link between your charger and the car. Before your electric car can move anywhere inside your home once you plug it into the charging station in your driveway, there are a few procedures to take. To supply electricity to the EV, your automobile must be plugged into the charger's circuit. Then, a tiny opening must be made in the wall of your garage for the charger to connect to the EV's charging port on its side. Now is the time to maintain and charge your EV.

  • AC fast charging: 

AC fast charging may recharge devices in as little as 60 seconds. These are the primary elements that impact charge efficiency. When someone refers to having a fast-speed automobile, they mean that the charge between chargers is as rapid as possible, allowing them to swiftly return from a bustling metropolis to their homes to charge their EVs.

  • Performance and charging charge times: 

Charging charge times are determined by how long your charger takes to charge your EV. In general, this indicates that charging times differ for every available EV charging technology. Many EV drivers report feeling better at ease when using quick chargers or rapid power banks. These have been shown to shorten the typical 15-20 minute charge time or charge a fully charged EV to 100% in less time. PIWIN manufacturers and suppliers have been manufacturing extremely sophisticated 22kw electric car chargers with several connections to make it simple to charge specific batteries or various kinds of electric cars.

  • Charges and travel distance:

Depending on the charging pace, an EV may be utilized for a full or a half charge. Depending on the charger, the rate is between 6 kW and 12 kW at full charge. The maximum rate was set at 6 kW, while the minimum rate was set at 8 kW with a total charge of zero. The half stop is comparable to 3 kW. The range that your electric vehicle (EV) can go without destroying any electrons is determined by the distance to the charger as well as the size of the battery. Just be cautious when securely charging your vehicle.

  • Charge performance: 

Charge performance determines how long it takes you to finish the charge. The charge rate may vary depending on how nice it feels. The parameters of your electric car and the charger have the most impact on charging performance. The average user receives five hours in total. Some EV owners would like to have it sooner, such as after a few hours and with the option to expand it to an hour. It's possible to be overcharged in public areas. Overcharging might destroy the battery, shatter your cell phone, or harm circuitry.

  • The charger features a high power output and quick charging:

Additionally, even from a distance, it is possible to monitor the 22kw e-charger recharge session's status in real-time. One charging station may be shared while keeping an eye on each user's consumption to split the expense evenly. The electric vehicle can act as a type of energy refrigerator in such a situation. Must store the power obtained directly from the solar system inside and release it as needed in the house installation (or from the grid when the supply cost is cheaper, such as at night and on holidays).

22KW AC EV home charger

The most significant demand for 22KW AC EV home charger:

A true revolution and a blessing for an electrical grid that is always in danger of overload. Everybody may also use it as a business opportunity. Who was able to "feed into the grid"? In exchange for payment from energy management, the 22KW AC EV home charger has energy in the bands with the highest demand.

How may a 22KW AC EV home charger be of use to you?

Even if you construct the network differently, you will undoubtedly experience headaches. You must always pay attention to household electrical gadgets. Additionally, you provide instructions to loved ones not to worry about the charging pace or to switch on "everything at the same moment."

Everyone goes to bed at night, which simultaneously cuts household consumption. It's time to use the 22KW AC EV home charger to charge, but that's unfortunate whether you are heating the kettle or sleeping; the station tunes to a fixed charging power. However, what if you drive a robust electric vehicle a lot for work and arrive at home "discharged to zero"? But what if you have two electric cars? Should you wait for one of them to finish charging before starting the other, or should you start both at once using a two-channel station with a weak current?


The best way to charge your automobile is using a 22KW AC EV home charger. One of the strongest EV chargers available is this one. You may now recharge your automobile with the most fantastic charger. How we charge our electric cars will alter as a result of this innovative new technology. These chargers were created using market demands, which serve as the industry standard. You will be happy with your purchase from our website, PIWIN. Now that you can drive without worrying about running out of electricity, you can enjoy yourself. It is a high-quality product that is reasonably priced. We offer a speedy delivery service to our customers. Don't pass up this versatile offer.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.