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The 350 kW dc fast charger is reliable

What does dc mean exactly?

The abbreviation "DC" refers to "Direct Current", the kind of power needed by the battery. On the one hand, most electric car chargers recharge batteries using AC (alternating current) electricity. All EVs include an inbuilt converter or rectifier since batteries cannot receive AC power. It transforms AC power into the DC electricity needed to recharge the batteries of electric vehicles. When there is no conversion, cars get rapid DC charging.

Don't let your new electric vehicle's different charging choices scare you. You can come across a few different kinds of chargers on your EV excursion. Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Charging are the three types of electric car chargers you'll encounter on the road.

What Is Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging?

You can charge your electric vehicle at home or public charging station. There are several different charger types available to you at home. You can find DC Fast Chargers at public charging stations, which will allow you to charge your EV much faster. Charge Point provides some helpful details on how the chargers vary.

The "DC" in DC Fast Charging refers to "direct current." And AC (alternating current) chargers, which like those in a typical home outlet, are what Level 2 chargers are.

Some chargers inside electric cars may switch from AC to DC for faster charging. This suggests that your battery will work harder while charging more quickly.

The DC charger has a large capacity to recharge devices swiftly and fulfill client needs. A DC power pack charges batteries entirely in about 15 minutes as opposed to an AC charger's 4–10 hours.

What does a 350 kW dc fast charger mean?

The 350 kW dc fast charger is the way of charging electric vehicles in the future. Long-distance driving is a breeze for its high power output, which can quickly assess an electric car. It uses less energy than existing charging methods and is more ecologically friendly.

The need for quicker and more potent charging options increases in tandem with the expansion of the electric car industry. The fast charger, which can charge an electric car in a couple of minutes, is an alternative.

It's good for Electric car chargers to utilize power with 350KW. Concurrently using these EV chargers may charge a large number of electric cars. An electric vehicle (eV) is a means of transportation that runs primarily on electricity rather than gasoline.

Now we know that grid power is always AC. The distinction between AC and DC charging lies in where the AC energy is changed or whether inside or outside the car. DC chargers, as opposed to AC chargers, which already have the converter inside the unit. This implies that it can bypass the onboard charger and deliver electricity directly to the vehicle's battery. DC chargers are more significant and faster, which have incredible progress when it comes to EVs.

Electric vehicle history:

 Although they have been on the road for a long time, people are now taking notice of them. They have surpassed gas automobiles in popularity recently. Nikola Tesla developed the first electric automobile in 1899. Tesla Motor is the name he gave to his creation. As petrol costs continue to rise, electric vehicles are becoming more and more common. The quality of electric automobiles is improving every.

The Key characteristics of a 350 kW dc fast charger for electrical protection:

In these ev rapid chargers, there are several significant benefits to electrical safety that are as follows:

  • Overcharge Protection System: 

By monitoring voltage levels during battery charging, the Overcharge Protection System helps avoid overcharging. We can extend the battery life cycle of an electric car in this way.

  • Short circuit protection system: 

These system guards against short circuits caused by lightning strikes and power surges. The fundamental elements of electrical safety. It also includes a charging pile over-temperature prevention feature to prevent the batteries in your electric car from overheating.

  • Leakage prevention system:

It also has leakage protection systems installed. We can protect from Electrical risks like electric shock or electrocution. It has sophisticated power inverter technology to achieve optimum efficiency without internal or external losses.

  • Input over/under voltage protection:

By identifying when electric cars are receiving too much or too little power, these feature guards against potentially harmful circumstances.

  • Overvoltage and current protection at the output: 

These e-car chargers are equipped with protective devices against overvoltage and current at the output. Along with the current, this system also guards against output over-voltage.

  • Emergency stop protection system:

 This feature lets you automatically shut down your EV charger rather than doing it yourself.

The 350KW ev charger phases:

The three power phases used by these EV charging stations are as follows: low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage.

The current goes via the cables and the motor when a charging station links an electric car. The current used to charge the batteries influence the motor's speed.

Fast Charge Technology: 

  • These EV chargers charge electric vehicles quickly by avoiding the vehicles' AC to DC circuits and using innovative technologies like MPPT.
  • These EV chargers can charge an electric vehicle's batteries at a high pace of 160 km/h, comparable to the speed at which vintage automobiles drive. An electric car may be fully charged with the EV charger in 30 to 40 minutes. These EV chargers are the easiest and quickest ways to charge your electric vehicles.

Working principle of 350 KW dc fast charger:

The 350KW EV charger functioned according to the theory of alternate current for both charging and discharging. A connection connects the electric cars to the rectified alternate current from the central government generation plant after electronics-controlled boards have rectified it.

350KW Level 1 and Level 2 Charging:

A standard 120-volt connection, like what you'd see in a conventional outlet, needs level 1 charging to use. This is sufficient for charging, but as you get more experience, you'll probably want to do better. Level 1 charging is slow, so it can take longer than you anticipate for it to finish.

Unlike DC Fast Charging, level two charging takes a different route. The charging station provides AC power to the charger. Your battery receives DC power from your onboard charger once it has received electricity from the charger.

100 kW ev charging stations

The 350 KW electric vehicle charger design:

These electric vehicle chargers were created with the utmost effectiveness and performance: today's electric car owners and Internet users both like this charger, one of the most popular. With one of these top 350 KW dc ev chargers, you'll never run out of electricity again when charging your car. As no stress exists, they are also built to consume less energy.

Stands to the benefit of 350KW electric charger:

Following is a list of some crucial advantages of quick EV chargers:

  • Efficiency: 

These EV chargers are more than 94% efficient, outperforming 50KW, 120KW, or conventional fuel, for example.

  • Current Power factor:

 The 350KW charger has a strong power factor with a 0.99 (on half a load) power factor.

  • Lengthy charging wire: 

There are many long electrical cords available, some of which may reach a length of 5 meters.

  • Highly corrosive materials:

 The aluminum-zinc clad sheets used to construct these EV chargers are corrosion-free materials.

  • Affordable price: 

These electric rapid ev chargers are available at a reasonable price.

  • Dependable and quick: 

They offer quick and reliable electricity due to their rigorous safety requirements.

  • Simple to use: 

These EV chargers' simple design makes them easy to use by plugging the socket into electric cars.

  • Simple to install:

 These EV charging stations are simple to set up and run with little instruction.

  • Ecologically friendly: 

They support lessening our reliance on fossil fuels like gasoline, LPG, etc., by being environmentally friendly. Everyone has found it to be beneficial.

350 KW dc fast charger Conclusion:

Using a 350 KW dc ev fast charger is the most effective method for recharging your automobile. So far, this is one of the most potent chargers on the market right? The best-charging stations are open for you to power your electric vehicle. This brand-new, innovative gadget will alter the way you charge electric cars. This EV fast charger was developed following market expectations and global standards.

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Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.