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By | 20 Oct 2022

The 150 kW dc fast charger is the latest innovation in EV charging technology

What does a 150 kW DC fast charger mean?

Your automobile, truck, or SUV must contain a charger as a piece of necessary equipment. Its main job is to keep your automobile charged while you're traveling. We'll ensure that the journey lasts long while letting drivers have fun. Owners of electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer primarily urban commuters or residents. It is crucial that charging alternatives are available outside of the house and office for this reason. High-control dc chargers up to 350 kW provide quick top-up possibilities for fast charging along the highway, but chargers up to 150 kW dc fast charger are the ideal option for everyday usage in cities, bridging the split between residential and highway uses. 

150 kW dc fast charger is a reliable source to charge electric vehicles:

  • Due to its ability to charge an EV faster than a Level 2 charger and greater power, the 150 kW fast charger is considered the future electric vehicle. These chargers can provide more powerful charging for electric vehicles.
  • The demand for quicker and more potent charging options increases with the continued expansion of the electric vehicle (EV) market. This dc fast charger represents the most recent development in charging technology for electric vehicles. 
  • This new charger is an efficient choice for drivers who need to charge their vehicles rapidly because it can fully charge an electric vehicle in a relatively short amount of time. Drivers have various options thanks to the charger's compatibility with many electric cars.

Why does a 150kW dc fast charger stand out from other types of chargers?

  • Due to its modular architecture and following scalability options, quick EV charging up to 150 kW is increasingly the favored alternative for inner-city zones and profitable uses. 
  • • A particular 50 kW unit can charge for 200 km in around 48 minutes, instead of combining three of these 50 kW components or five of these 30-kW components into a 150 kW charger, which can affordably deliver a similar charge in around 16 minutes.
  • Together choices offer the ideal length of period to buy rations or have a mealtime, providing car drivers the chance to conveniently and swiftly highest off their batteries through the day. However, it may take too long for motorists to stretch their feet at a relaxation stop. 
  • There are several factors to consider when building high-control dc chargers up to 150 kW, including secure data and communications, dependability, efficiency, and cost. Piwin provides the market's most complete portfolio. 
  • You will get the most acceptable value for presentation with our integrated method solutions that use the finest goods and knowledge for your use, and you will have access to the broad system expertise of our specialists.

How can you safeguard your dc fast charger?

Although they have been around for a long time, electric vehicles have only recently gained popularity. More individuals today desire to switch to electric cars. There are numerous EV charging outlets accessible. So you can charge your electric vehicle in anywhere. With the help of this dc rapid charger, we can make this Electric vehicle charge affordably.

Manufacturers are introducing larger battery packs to extend the range of electric vehicles. With this dc rapid charger, you can charge your electric vehicles in anywhere and at any time. Users must be aware of any potential risks when using chargers because safety is crucial. Chargers associate with many dangerous things, which Fire is the most significant danger. The charger's location in a structure with antiquated electrical wiring and power sources poses the most significant fire danger. As a result, the building must adhere to the charging station's technical requirements. The charger could overheat and catch fire if you not connected it incorrectly. Some EV chargers to identify overheating may include in a temperature sensor.

The best 150 kW dc fast charger for the workplace:

  • Electric vehicle chargers come in a variety of designs. There are multiple adapters for various manufacturers, a DC rapid charge, and different levels of AC charging. The options offered to manufacturers include multiple converters, varying AC charge levels, and a DC quick charge. In a 150 kW dc fast charger, the charging voltage is DC.
  • The charging pile features an inverter that converts AC power to DC power and connects directly to both ends of the electric vehicle's battery. The DC chargers use electricity from the grid to supply power. To prevent overcharging or uneven charging, the battery is connected to both ends of the battery using the battery management system (BMS), which is a crucial component of DC charging.
  • The DC charging port offers a lot of safety detection and control, considerably boosting charging safety. The battery's two ends get direct DC electricity from the DC charging pile, allowing the charging current to be adjusted reasonably high and the charging period to be drastically shortened.
  • The complete automobile is recharged using a high-powered direct or alternating current via a rapid charger. They can complete an electric car's 80 percent charge in 20 minutes.
Custom EV charging station

Which merits 150kW dc fast charger offers?

With a modular and future-proofed updating system architecture later, it boasts the highest commercially available DC charging power on the market with a 150kW output power. This guarantees today's investor’s and operators' compatibility with future demands and lowers the overall cost of ownership over the years to come. The Ultra-Fast Charger from Piwin sets the standard for the future of EV Charging Stations thanks to its user-friendliness, little installation effort compared to competing systems, and diversity in station design. 

A product that evolves to meet your needs: 

Because the system design for DC charging is modular, the operator can begin today with less power at a lower cost for sites with minimal usage and tack on more power in the future when the market demands higher charging service throughput.

Improve the overall cost of ownership:

Save money upfront by sharing one non-discriminatory charging station's 100–120 kW DC power capacity with two electric vehicles, starting small and scaling up later with the fewest possible steps and expenses. The Piwin 150kW dc Fast Charger is entirely maintenance-free and guarantees consistent performance.

Simple to use:

Connect your vehicle to the charging station, then use your RFID card to verify your identity. The car will begin charging on its own. When you fully charge the batteries, the charging process automatically terminates.

Concepts for Flexible Charge Traffic:

To meet your site's needs, various configurations offer in this 150kW Fast Charger. It is also available in a two-sided variant with plugs, sockets, and a user interface on the front and back. You can optionally equip with various charge connection configurations in it.


The charger works with the main roaming systems, e-mobility service providers, and charge station operators. Due to compliance with the open charge point protocol, we can achieve (OCPP) in integration into existing backends. 

Uses of 150 kW dc fast charger:

  • As electric vehicles become more popular, dc fast chargers are becoming more widespread.
  • It was created especially for EVs like the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, and BMW i3.
  • The 150 kW dc fast charger high power output enables you to charge an entire family car in just 20 minutes fully.
  • For everyone who desires to travel, a rapid dc fast charger is a necessary piece of gear. Every day, more people are buying electric cars.
  • As more individuals switched to electric cars, they gained popularity. They are utilized to charge electric automobiles more quickly and effectively.
  • This is used for various electric vehicles, including incremental, mid-buses, electric buses, and electric cars.
  • In pre-commercial transportation is centralized, including highways, stations, and terminals.
  • A variety of public locations offer parking for electric vehicles, including urban residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and electric commercial places.


The newest and most powerful charger available is the 150 kW DC fast charger. In as little as 30 minutes, it can fully charge an electric vehicle. It will swiftly get your automobile back on the road and is far faster than a typical charger. This is a significant improvement compared to the previous generation of chargers, which may take up to an hour to charge a car fully. A large number of automotive and vehicle-related industries use our products.

We pick whichever one you prefer, together with your preferred delivery options. We also take a peek at our promotions! Regardless of whether you require a truck, bus, automobile, USB car charger; a car adaptor to plug; or a vehicle charging outlet. PIWIN holds the patent for the quick charging technology used by electric vehicles. To meet the needs of today's drivers, the company created a top-notch 150 KW fast charger. You may find out more about it on the corporate website. It is the most adaptable charging method.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.