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By | 18 Oct 2022

How much does a 100kw dc fast charger cost?

What does a 100kw dc fast charger mean?

The future of electric vehicles is a 100kw DC fast charger. A 100kw charger can fully charge an electric car in about 30 minutes. However, the current generation can only charge at a maximum of 50kw.

That is a lot quicker than a Level 2 charger, which can take up to several hours. Fast charging is essential for long-distance trips and can ease range anxiety.

The ideal option for your electric car is a 100kw DC fast charger. Because it will charge it faster than any other charger. You'll save money in the long term because you won't need to charge your car as frequently.

The charger uses a boost rectifier and an inverter for maximum efficiency and power density. To boost voltage gain and condense the rectifier's size, it uses a high-frequency transformer. 

Why is a 100kw dc fast charger the best choice to charge electric cars?

  • An electric vehicle can be charged more quickly utilizing one of these 100 kW DC fast chargers than it can with a slower charger by providing a higher charging rate. DC Fast Chargers, a unique sort of charging station, can be used to recharge electric automobiles. 
  • By supplying direct current (DC) power directly to the battery instead of using the slower onboard chargers, DC Fast Chargers can dramatically speed up the rate at which a battery is charged. DC quick charging is required for automobiles with high mileage or that are used for long trips. 
  • They generally have the same appearance and functionality as other commercially available electric vehicle charging stations. Conventional AC charging stations move substantially more slowly than DC fast chargers. 
  • These charging facilities are typically referred to as Level 3 EV chargers. Numerous studies have found that the cost of real estate is roughly 2.6 times greater in places near electric vehicle charging stations than in other regions of the country.

What does a 100kw DC fast charger cost?

With the growth of electric cars (EVs) on the road, the demand for infrastructure for public charging is rising in tandem. Depending on the charger in question and where people purchase it, a 100kW DC fast charger cost may change.

The price is generally between $30,000 to $150,000, though. A 100kw DC fast charger's price will vary depending on its maker, features, and where people will install it. The quickest way to charge your car is using a 100kw dc fast charger. It is fast, effective, and simple to use.

The 100kw dc fast charger is the most excellent option if you're looking for a way to charge your car. Even though they are relatively expensive, quick chargers are becoming more popular due to their numerous advantages.

They make it possible for drivers to quickly and efficiently charge their automobiles. And making it more convenient for them to travel long distances. If you want to quickly and easily charge your car, Piwin offers you a 100kw dc fast charger. It's the best and most affordable option for consumers. 

The pros of using a 100kw dc fast charger:

It is an undeniable reality that gas-powered vehicles release gases that cause pollution. Fuels have a clear and noticeable impact on the environment because of their direct link.

The three primary gases released in the mechanical propulsion of most automobiles are Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter. People find Diesel engines typically in the cars that consume the least CO2 and produce the fewest emissions.

For the automotive industry's search for a more sustainable alternative response. So people created electric automobiles, to proof of the harm caused by gas emissions, as mentioned earlier. Since they are outpacing cars with combustion engines in sales, EVs are becoming a common sight in many nations. We can find the following benefits of electric vehicles: 

Zero emission: 100% electric vehicles that use DC quick chargers don't release Polluting gases. This is a crucial advantage when considering how important it is to protect the environment.

  • Low maintenance:

An electric car must only have a periodic check to see how the batteries and electric motors are doing. There is no requirement to switch filters or utilize a variety of liquids.

  • A more relaxed driving style:

Noise pollution is nonexistent because electric vehicles don't produce any noise. This benefit extends to everyone nearby and the person operating the car. Additionally, since EVs do not need to change gears constantly, the ride is smoother.

  • Better performance:

The 100kw dc fast charger is the most acceptable charger for your electric vehicle. Because it charges the car faster and more effectively than any other charger. Charging an electric vehicle quickly is the key advantage of a 100kw DC fast charger.

The dc fast charger is a strong and versatile piece of equipment. With the help of this, you can rapidly and effectively charge your electric car. Those who need to charge their automobile while on the go or want to do so fast. They will love this charger.

EVs can be charged in a short time by a 100kw dc fast charger:

As the numeral of EVs on the highway rises, efficacious and dependable DC fast chargers are becoming more and more necessary. In less than 30 minutes, the charger can fully charge an electric vehicle.

The 100kw dc fast charger can charge an electric vehicle quickly. The charger can offer up to 80% of a battery's capacity in about 30 minutes. People create it to charge electric vehicle batteries quickly—in minutes instead of hours. 

A 100 kW DC Fast Charger: How Does It Operate?

  • In as little as 30 minutes, a 50 kW DC fast charger may finish charging an electric vehicle to capacity. Power for the car comes from the grid and is transmitted there at a high voltage and current. It can deliver more power in less time, eventually reducing the time needed to charge the gadget. 
  • A conventional charger with 50 kilowatts of DC power is less effective than a fast charger. It can transfer up to 90% of the energy it receives from the grid, compared to a typical charger, which can only do so for up to 50% of the energy it receives from the grid.
  • Nowadays, it is possible to charge electric vehicles more cheaply and efficiently. Most passenger cars can accept DC charging, a very high percentage. The batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) are charged using direct current. Hence it follows that almost all models are compatible with DC quick charging. 
  • Some batteries have a maximum capacity of 350 kW, while others have a maximum capacity of 100 kW. As a result of their smaller batteries, a very tiny fraction of electric vehicles can also not be charged using DC charging. 

The significant role of 100 kW DC fast charger:

  • The infrastructure for charging them must also develop to accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicles. The 100 kW DC quick chargers are helpful in this situation.
  • These chargers are the best option for people who need a charging solution while on the go because they can give an electric vehicle up to 80% of the full charge. 
  • With a 100kw DC fast charger, your electric vehicle may be fully charged in about an hour, as opposed to the conventional charging method, which can take up to six hours. If you plan to be gone for an extended amount of time, having access to 100kw DC rapid charging is crucial. 
  • It is possible to set up 100 kW DC fast chargers to meet the increased demand for high-power charging infrastructure that is anticipated. As a result, installing a 100-kilowatt direct current rapid charger is crucial for businesses. 
  • This will make your customer’s life easier and show that your business is committed to promoting green technologies and upholding a sustainable business strategy. Many countries worldwide, including China, the United States of America, France, Germany, Japan, and Australia, has installed 100 kW DC electric vehicle charging stations.

Find out if there is a 100 kW DC fast charger nearby if you consider buying an electric car. We hope this article can help you better. So you can grasp what DC fast charging is and how it works in the modern world. You should also be aware of the causes of the prolonged AC home charger times.


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Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.