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By | 31 Aug 2022

How to choose the best EV charger manufacturer?

Leading automakers are providing high-geared electric cars to the automobile sector as the globe transitions to a cleaner environment. However, only a robust infrastructure for electric vehicle charging can make such expenditures worthwhile and practical.

Want to stay current and be ready for the future? Both goals are achieved by installing EV charging stations on your property. Governments, the EV charger manufacturer, and commercial real estate firms are making substantial investments in EV infrastructure all around the nation, and this is not a coincidence.


Software shouldn't be dictated by the hardware.

Many firms make the error of concentrating just on the station itself (the hardware) without taking into account the brains inside of it when thinking about EV charging station providers (the software). Without a question, selecting the proper hardware is important, particularly when determining the best station type for your consumers and business area. But when they are set up, the software on the devices will be used to communicate with both your clients and your business. The operating system and user interface of your specific devices will determine the bulk of your maintenance and administration.

The Benefits of Open Charging Standards

1. A large number of hardware EV charger manufacturers do not provide support for charging stations that are referred to as "open systems." These stations enable devices made by a variety of manufacturers to communicate with one another on the same network, as opposed to requiring users to make use of proprietary software that is pre-loaded and inflexible. If you do not use an open system, have already made the investment in hardware, and then decide to modify the software that controls your charging infrastructure, you will find yourself in a difficult position.

2. Open systems provide far more freedom than closed ones because they let CRE businesses choose the best software for their purposes and install it on the hardware that is most suitable for their customers. This additional flexibility not only helps save money in the short term by removing the limitations that manufacturers place on the hardware of their charging station, but it also paves the way for future upgrades or modifications that can be more easily managed. This is because the limitations are no longer in place.

3. Choose an electric vehicle charging station provider in the same way that you would a timeshare: the experience you have while you are there is more essential than the incredible thing you may acquire. Timeshares often come with exorbitant maintenance costs and make it next to impossible to exit the contract if you decide you no longer want to be a member. It reduces the amount of enjoyment you get out of your electric vehicle charging stations if they, like a lot of timeshares, give you very little flexibility and a lot of restrictions on how frequently you can visit and how you can modify or customize the area.

Instead, you should start with the program.

• With PIWIN ENERGY, your firm will be equipped with the appropriate software to confidently enter the market for electric vehicle charging;

• Our software is compatible with an extremely wide variety of different kinds of hardware. To ensure that you can successfully manage your stations, we work closely with several companies that offer the hardware for electric vehicle charging stations. In addition, we will guide your firm step-by-step through the whole procedure to ensure that you acquire the most appropriate stations for your specifications.

Even the many sustainability credits, rebates, and applicable incentives that are offered by states and the federal government will be broken down for you by PIWIN ENERGY. We will recommend the most efficient machinery while helping you cut down on initial costs as much as possible and increasing your return on investment as much as possible.

The utmost importance is placed on adaptability at PIWIN ENERGY. Because of the easy and turnkey solutions that we provide, our customers can manage the access, pricing, and performance of their stations from any place. We can construct a customized network with built-in scalability for your company so that you maintain full control over your infrastructure even as your company grows and adds more electric vehicle charging stations over time. In addition, since we provide customer care around the clock, we are always available to meet any demands that your business may have.

You Have the Ability to Develop Using PIWIN ENERGY

You should remember the timeshare, right? If you choose to work with an electric vehicle charging station supplier that also permanently locks you into their management platform, it may be difficult to make a change in the future. It's possible that to use software that works, you'll need to get rid of existing stations and hunt for new equipment that more closely matches your specifications.

EV charger manufacturer gives you effective tools to manage and control your EV infrastructure instead. In addition to assisting you in choosing the best stations for your company and locating rebates to reduce expenses, PIWIN ENERGY will stick by your side while you traverse both the current and future EV charging technologies.

Selecting an EV charger

Finding your first EV charger might be difficult. There is a tonne of choices, and most chargers have similar functions. Thankfully, there are just a few factors to take into account.

This how-to guide cuts through the clutter to assist you in selecting an EV charger based on what is most crucial:


1. Charge rates

2. Tied vs unattached

3. Software and app experience

4. Ingenious characteristics

5. Including renewable energy sources

Manufacturing EV chargers is a rising business.

The Expanding Sector

The market for electric vehicle charging stations is growing at a rapid rate. It is projected that the market for electric vehicle charging infrastructure would reach a value of between $27 and 49 billion dollars by the year 2027; however, projections for the value of the market in the future are quite varied due to the presence of various unknown elements.

The main forces propelling development are:

  • The rising climate crisis, the number of carbon emissions, as well as other hazardous pollutants created by conventional cars powered by fossil fuels; these cars also emit other harmful pollutants. As a result, electric vehicles (EVs) have greater benefits than conventional vehicles since they need less upkeep and benefit from government subsidies.
  • Government initiatives that give discounts on the cost of electric vehicle charging stations as well as restrictions on the establishment of quick charging stations Because of these requirements, manufacturers have been forced to shell out additional cash to construct a network of charging stations that will allow them to maintain their current production of electric cars.
  • The increasing cost of petroleum products is only aiding the demand for electric vehicle charging as the price gap between gasoline (about 128 pence per liter) and electricity (between 10 and 14 pence per kWh) continues to expand. Consumers in emerging countries have felt the effects of the continued upward trend in the price of gasoline. The lower operating costs of electric cars will be beneficial to their users. It is projected that the range of electric cars will expand as manufacturers produce vehicles with batteries that are both more powerful and capable of lasting for longer periods.

Why go with PIWIN Energy instead of anything else?

The company has been active in research and development as well as the production of AC and DC chargers for new energy vehicles in international markets for quite some time. Additionally, it can install overseas platforms as well as OCPP protocol docks. The company has developed its EV charger technology and has considerable experience working with Fortune Global 500 corporations, makers of new energy vehicles, and overseas enterprises that are listed on public exchanges.

The most advanced portable electric vehicle charger from Piwin Energy

Your vehicle will be fully charged in three to five hours if you use a PIWIN ENERGY smart charger that operates at 240 volts and level 2 of power. On the other hand, level 1 chargers are only capable of completely recharging a vehicle over 7-8 hours. On the other hand, the PIWIN ENERGY manufacturer is the most advanced level 2 charger, which can completely charge your vehicle in less than two hours and in the shortest amount of time possible. If you buy the best level 2 charger from us, you can take advantage of a one-of-a-kind discount on our already competitive wholesale pricing. The most current generations of electric vehicles served as the inspiration for our highly developed and innovative technologies. Invest in the best home charger available for electric vehicles right now.


If you wish to buy an electric car or a plug-in hybrid vehicle and your home have a driveway or an off-street parking place nearby, then you will need a home electric vehicle charger to recharge the battery of the vehicle. PIWIN ENERGY provides EV charging spots. With its excellent levels of customer assistance, easy-to-use goods, and mobile-optimized website, the firm provides drivers with a smooth charging experience. Our prices are low and we supply high-quality items quickly. Our skilled quality assurance team provides certified PIWIN products.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.