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By | 26 Aug 2022

All you need to know about custom EV charging station

What is an Electric Vehicle Charging station? 

The typical consumer may be put off by the thought of an electric car not because they lack desire but rather because they are unclear about how to power one. Because of this, everyone needs to be aware of how a custom EV charging station operates.

Most Electric vehicles' batteries can only be charged with direct current (DC) power, but some EVs include a charger that transforms alternating current (AC) electricity into DC and then sends this power to the vehicle's charging connection.

how long does a DC fast charger take

Important Information Before Purchasing a Custom EV Charging Station

Let's face it: as technology advances, the popularity of electric vehicles also increases. Before long, these electric automobiles will outnumber the conventional oil-powered vehicles on our highways. Electric vehicles are the most environmentally responsible option for transportation since they may increase fuel economy, lower emissions, and lower fuel costs in addition to the convenience of simply plugging them in at the end of a long, exhausting day.

The benefits of having an electric vehicle and an electric vehicle custom EV charging station considerably exceed the price, even though there are many publicly accessible charging stations available today. Here are some things to know before buying an electric vehicle charging station, though, if you're considering buying an electric vehicle or if you're already an electric vehicle owner.

The different types of charging

Level 1 or 120 volt, Level 2 or 240 volts, and DC rapid charging are the three different ways that electric cars can be charged.

Charging at Level 1 (120-Volt)

The simplest method of charging an electric automobile is to plug it into a regular electrical outlet at home. As a result, a full charge takes 22 hours to complete and you receive 4.5 miles per hour of charging. Since you rarely need to charge from empty to full, this is generally more than enough. When you have to travel farther distances, nevertheless, this may not be sufficient. You'd need a backup plan at that point. In addition to these, Level 1 charging is the slowest of the three, making it less dependable for lengthy journeys.

Charging at Level 2 (240-volt)

This sort of charging, which is quicker than Level 1, employs 240 volts to speed up the regeneration of an electric vehicle's charging mechanism. Installation of an EVSE unit and electrical components able to handle this voltage is needed to use this sort of charging. Being a quick charging option, it costs more than Level 1 because of this.

Fast dc charging (also called dc quick charging)

The quickest charging method currently in use is this. Destination anxiety prevents potential electric car customers from completely entering the electric vehicle market, similar to how charge anxiety affects mobile phones. Because it is well known that electric vehicles require more time to charge utilizing Level 1 and Level 2 charging, DC Fast Chargers were developed. A DC Fast custom EV charging station can easily add 170 miles in 30 minutes, which is about as long as a quick trip to the restroom. The reason behind this is that DC Fast Charging utilizes direct current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC).

Plugs and connectors types:

You may be confident that the electric vehicle charging model you are buying is suitable for your individual or market demands by being aware of the various electric car model kinds and their various plug types.

  • Tesla - Typical Tesla vehicle connector.
  • SAE J1772 - The American industry standard for electric vehicle plugs. Both AC level 1 and AC level 2 charging are compatible with this socket type.
  • CHAdeMO - The CHAdeMO organization, which is made up of numerous Japanese automakers like Nissan, Mitsubishi, Fuji, and Toyota, created connectors for rapid charging stations. CHAdeMO charging stations are compatible with the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi MiEV. For models that are not directly compatible, adapters are available.

Length of electric vehicle cables

As with any charging method, efficiency is also influenced by the length of the cable. The users find a cable to be more convenient the longer it is. The longest cable length currently offered by these electric car charging stations is twenty-five feet. These cables are available from suppliers in a variety of forms and lengths. The users now have greater functional flexibility as a result.

Inside or outside:

Some types of charging station models can only be installed indoors, while others can be placed outside, mounted on a wall or pole. The location of the electric car charging station that will best serve your needs must be planned.

Rate of EV electricity:

Some electric utilities provide discounted electricity rates to drivers of electric vehicles. The Time of Use (TOU) rate program is responsible for this. By knowing the electricity rates, you can set a benchmark for how much it will cost to buy an electric car charging station. You might even have experienced decreased electricity costs before purchasing an electric car.


  • Yes. To use electric car charging stations, you must be kind. It is all the more important to invest in an electric car charging station because there are typically not enough charging stations to meet the demand of electric car users. Thankfully, we can prevent disputes between users in public spaces if common guidelines are put in place.
  • If an electric vehicle is not charging, it should not be parked in a charging slot. Although it may be considered common politeness, EV owners frequently believe they have the right to park in a charging spot simply because they are EV owners. This is never the case. Leave the space for people who might need to recharge if you don't need the extra power.
  • The second, and more reason, the rule is to wait until someone else's electric car has finished charging before unplugging it. Once more, this is merely ordinary civility that everyone should exhibit. Always wait for the person in front of you to finish charging your car before unplugging your equipment.
  • Additionally, only occupy a charging spot for as long as is required. Since there aren't many charging stations available right now, there is a lot of demand. It is preferable to charge up and proceed as necessary if you do not require the additional juice and you notice that the line is growing longer.


Location is essential to guaranteeing earnings if you plan to buy an electric car charging station for commercial use. To find out how many charging stations are nearby, you might have to turn to ChargePoint. In this case, carefully considering the site is crucial for success and may require more time to decide


There are many apps available for electric car charging stations, allowing you to share the location of your charging station with the public. In addition to ensuring exposure for your electric car charging station, doing this will help you build a reputation in the field if you intend to run it as a business.

With Plugshare, a map of charging stations around the US, finding a station is made simple. The location of the stations, the services they provide, and their current operational status are all displayed on the map.

Analyzing the benefits

What benefits might an electric vehicle charging station offer? To outperform the competition for your enterprises, this can just be having a charging option for your electric vehicle.

  • Your clients will feel more at peace knowing that your business may serve as a pit stop for charging their electric vehicles if you own an electric car charging station.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations might help your company stand out from competitors who don't have them. It also strengthens your property's reputation as an environmentally responsible one, regardless of what sector your company operates in.
  • Your company might earn more money from this by offering an additional premium service. Additionally, the majority of charging stations available today can have personalized branding, giving your business an advantage over rivals.
  • There are several benefits to owning an electric car charging station. In addition to addressing the lack of electric car charging stations, you can support an environmentally beneficial mode of transportation.


Once you've made up your mind to buy an electric car charging station, you need to be sure it was built by a reputable company that is recognized and listed by major automakers. Your electric automobile must be compatible. The producer should also promise the availability of after-sales support. A top-notch after-sales service guarantees that your needs will be met and that the manufacturer will help you address any potential issues you could have with the product. Always choose to purchase from a recognized manufacturer or vendor. PIWIN ENERGY is one of the best manufacturers.

Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.