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By | 12 Jul 2022

What is meant by 60KW ev charger?

The 60kW EV charger from Energizer is a great way to charge your car or truck quickly and safely. It has an integrated battery management system, so you do not have to worry about overcharging. With its high power output, you can charge up to three times faster than standard chargers. And because it's designed specifically for electric vehicles, it won't damage your vehicle's battery. This EV charger is an electric car charging station with a built-in battery bank. Its unique design allows the charger to be placed on almost any flat surface. It has a built-in power bank and a remote controller.

History of 60KW EV charger:

Many people see electric cars as expensive and not practical due to their high cost of production and limited range. But Elon Musk is trying to change this by creating an EV battery pack factory. As a result, he is now able to provide cheaper and better electric car batteries to everyone who wants them. Tesla has revealed its next significant innovation. It is a fast-charging station that could be built into existing parking lots or apartment buildings.

There's another reason why Tesla is pushing so hard toward making electric cars affordable, convenient, and reliable. They believe that they could be huge game-changers when it comes to saving our planet from environmental damage. To do this, they will have to cut down on fossil fuel consumption, especially coal.

60KW ev charger

Ideal solution for charging electric vehicles:

The 60kW EV Charger is ideal for charging multiple electric vehicles simultaneously. It has a fast charge rate and high power output. It has a variety of applications, including charging multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, powering emergency lighting systems, or even providing backup power for commercial buildings.

  • It's also an eco-friendly product, as it doesn't produce much waste or noise. With its high power output, you can even charge multiple vehicles at once. This powerful charging unit comes complete with a built-in USB port. A built-in LED light ensures visibility during nighttime charging. 
  • An EV charger is an essential device when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. It helps you keep your battery charged to ensure better performance while driving. It also protects your car from overcharging. It is a powerful battery charger used to recharge electric vehicles.
  • A fast-charging station is ideal for large-scale deployment. An electric car is still a luxury product. 
  • With a capacity, this is the most potent EV Charger ever made. The best option for traveling long distances on electric vehicles. Plug it into your vehicle, charge it up, and then start driving with confidence 
60KW ev charger B
  • Standard and requirement of 60KW charger:
  • The following are the specifications and requirements for a rapid charging system:
  • Charge the vehicle's battery quickly (within 30 min.)
  • Compatibility with numerous battery types and automobile models
  • High efficiency under rated working conditions
  • Communication feature for detecting the car battery's state of charge (SOC) and safe charging
    • Automatically charge for provided electricity
    • Standard compatibility

Features of 60KW EV charger:

The 60KW EV charger is of excellent quality and designed to provide 2-level rapid charging to electric vehicles. Charging speed of up to 80% in 30 minutes, with a power efficiency of 95% for cost-effective operation.

  • RFID card reader support for user identification, LCD touch screen, and user-friendly interface.
  • Wired network LAN support.
  • To realize an intelligent charging system.
  • It is efficiently designed for installation and maintenance.
  • Driver-friendly.

How does the 60KW DC Fast Charger work properly?

It is designed to rapidly and easily charge all-electric car models, even those with high voltage battery systems. The charger's compact design makes it ideal for public and fleet usage, while its flexibility allows it to boost charging capacity up to 60KW and service up to two electric vehicles at the same time.

What factors influence charging speed?

The capacity of the battery pack a bigger battery pack may often be charged faster. The greater your car's battery life capacity (measured in kWh), the longer it will take to charge.

Battery Life Charging a dead battery takes longer than charging a partially charged battery.

  • Charged rate State.

When the battery-operated is nearly wholly electric, the charge speed slows to avoid overheating the battery-operated cells. Classically, at around 90 percent SoC, the pace lowers and charging slows even further as it approaches 100 percent SoC opinion will not speed it up.

Charge Point maximum charging rate:

 The maximum arraigning rate of the Charge Point you're using will also limit the period it takings to control. Even though your car can charge at eleven KW on a seven KW Control Point, it will single control at seven KW.

 External factors: 

When using a rapid charger, a colder ambient temperature may cause charging to take a bit longer. Because autos are less efficient in colder weather, fewer miles are added each time they are charged.

  • The quick charger's power level.

Ideal positions for 60KW ev charger:

There are the following positions for of60KW EV Chargers: 

  • Highway Rest Stops
  • Service stations for gasoline
  • Cities' parking lots
  • Large strip malls along significant thoroughfares

Other positions to charge 60KW EV charger: 

This is because electric vehicles traveling long distances will not only need to stop and recharge, but they will also want to do it as fast as feasible. These charging stations will almost always be monetized, and electric car owners will have to pay to use them.

Applications of 60KW EV charger:

The following applications are given below. 60KW EV chargers are ideal for: 


It is also used in apartments and households. They can easily use and install.

Business parks:

It is without problems used in business and office parks. 


They can easily use in hotels and markets. Resorts and dining establishments.

 They are also used in Locations for events.     

Campuses of universities         

They can easily use on Campuses of universities.

Shopping centers and Government institutions. 

They can easily use an ideal position in Shopping centers and Government institutions. 

Hospitals and Garages for parking.

They can easily use in Hospitals. It can also use in Garages for parking. Fleets of electric vehicles

Benefits of 60KW charger:

There are following benefits are given below:

Its metal shell and semi-gloss finish ensure that it may be used outside for an extended period. The charger software may be upgraded both remotely and locally. Each outlet's balancer reel makes it simple to operate and protects it from harm. The illuminated LED beacons enable consumers to instantly determine the current charging condition. A charger can be installed on an ordinary household outlet. It is easy to install and easy to use.

Supplier of 60KW Charger:

Our objective is to help the transportation sector decarbonize quickly; thus, we develop our products with performance and value in mind. Our Charger is built to last and to be powerful. They provide the same (or more) capabilities in this charger. 

What is the duration of rapid charging?

Charging periods vary depending on battery capacity, dispenser output, and additional features. Still, the most excellent cars can attain an 80 percent charge in all places at one time or a smaller amount using the majority of presently available DC fast chargers.

Safety to charge 60KW EV charger:

Some of the characteristics of a safely charged EV are shockproof, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, over and under-voltage protection, overload protection, ground protection, and surge protection. Surge protection, Short circuit output, Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Low voltage, Earth monitor, Insulation monitor, over temperature. Overvoltage and under power safety, production overvoltage and present safety, isolation finding safety, and battery-operated opposite linking safety are all included.


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Efficiency: DC charging stations are increasingly integrated with renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, enhancing the sustainability of EV charging.